Sunday, January 30, 2011

small calamansi, HUGE benefits!

Calamondin or Calamansi (scientific name: Citrus ×microcarpa) is a fruit tree in the family Rutaceae that was developed in and is very popular throughout Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, where it is most commonly used for cooking. In the west it is variously known as acid orange, calamondin orange, Chinese Orange or Panama orange. In the Philippines it is called calamansi/kalamansî in Tagalog or the Filipino lingua franca, and limonsito in Cebuano.

It is a shrub or small tree growing to 3–6 m, and bears small citrus fruit used to flavor foods and drinks.

To us filipinos, it is staple in our kitchen.
I would like to give credit on this to my Doctor, Dr. Tam Mateo the Philippines first Naturapathic Doctor and a Cancer Specialist.(I'll give the address and contact number of Dr. Tam, for those who are interested to try and be healed through holistic medicine techniques).

As part of my daily protocol, he then advice me to drink 1 glass of lukewarm water with 10-15 calamansi every morning (6:30 am) then another 1 glass of lukewarm water. (  I hear you guys murmuring...^^)
HOW ABOUT THE ACID? I'll explain it to you...Aside from many uses of calamansi, from food condiments,stain removal, for the skin, etc....this is the main reason I religiously drink it early in the morning...

- It helps, detoxify the liver
-Promotes weight loss! 
-Flush out the remaining residue from intestine(especially those from our unhealthy years!)
- Prevents diabetes
- Also helps better blood circulation
-Good for those who have IBM (makes you popo! ^^)
-Gives and leave to our body the alkaline effect (not acid) that's why its good for those who have cancer
-Why lukewarm water?( it's good to our blood circulation in the morning, from sleep the blood form "LATAK".)

There were endless benefits from our little friend calamansi, sorry I cant post it all..hehehe
TIP: If you want some extra flavor and some extra health benefits of your water(actually heard it from Donita Rose). Put one calamansi on your one glass of drinking water, voila! alkalized water already.
I must say, very dutiful but,  as they say " The road to a Healthy Body is not that easy"

 As I promised, here's the address and contact No. of Dr. Tam:
Metrowalk Commercial Complex
Outlet 20 Bldg. A
Meralco Ave., Pasig City
Metro Manila, Philippines

+63 2 470-5553
+63 2 470-1418
+63 2 401-1608
+63 2 401-1609

Mobile Nos.
+63 921 592-0908
+63 917 846-0546
+63 917 951-8529


Main Office
Living Food Phils., Inc.
433 F. Legaspi St.,
Maybunga, Pasig City
Metro Manila, Philippines

+63 2 900-0547 to 49
+63 2 643-3309 to 10

Mobile Nos.
+63 917 951-8529
+63 921 592-0908

Dr. Tam’s Health Products
(House of Cleansing)
Delicasies Village
J. Vargas Corner C-5
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Metro Manila, Philippines

+63 2 633-9877

Mobile Nos.
+63 921-592-0908
+63 917-846-0546

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

types of vegetarian

Why Vegan? and not vegetarian? hmmmmmmm... my friend asked....
One thing that people dont understand is that there are different types of vegetarians. Each has has its own reason for choosing their diet and the reasons exactly determine what foods they want to eliminate. Here's a brief definition of each type of vegetarian..Which type are you? ^^

  • Total Vegetarians eat only plant food. They do not eat any animal foods, including fish, eggs, dairy products, and honey.
  • Vegans not only omit all animal products from their diets, but they also eliminate them from the rest of their life. Vegans use nothing from animals, such as leather, wool, and silk. 
  • Lacto-Vegetarians will include dairy products into their diet of plant food.
  • Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians eat both eggs and dairy products.  
  • Pesco-Vegetarians include fish into their diets. 
  • Pollo-Vegetarians eat poultry, such as chicken, turkey, and duck.  
So the next time you sit next to a self proclaimed vegetarian , you can identify which type are they base on what they eat.


      Monday, January 24, 2011

      the kind life

      So this is it! my first post on my first blog!
      One reason why i created this blog, is to share my simple thoughts and some of my inspiration on being a vegan.
      If you want to inspire a bit about cruelty -free lifestyle, better check out alicia silverstone
      she open my mind about what life and nature can offer to all of us. That you can be vegan in your own simple way.
      I'm challenging you all to atleast give it a try, a week without a meat, hmmmmm....why not?
      And please check out alicia's garden too.

      Me myself wants to start a garden soon, so better check it out here.
      Here's some of alicia's photo and her garden.

      I'll post simple local finds ingredients (Manila) recipes, so that we beginners can share some great tasting recipes.
       I may share some tips and rules of healthy eating, juice recipes and raw recipes.
      Thanks for dropping by! Happy vegan day to all!