Monday, January 24, 2011

the kind life

So this is it! my first post on my first blog!
One reason why i created this blog, is to share my simple thoughts and some of my inspiration on being a vegan.
If you want to inspire a bit about cruelty -free lifestyle, better check out alicia silverstone
she open my mind about what life and nature can offer to all of us. That you can be vegan in your own simple way.
I'm challenging you all to atleast give it a try, a week without a meat, hmmmmm....why not?
And please check out alicia's garden too.

Me myself wants to start a garden soon, so better check it out here.
Here's some of alicia's photo and her garden.

I'll post simple local finds ingredients (Manila) recipes, so that we beginners can share some great tasting recipes.
 I may share some tips and rules of healthy eating, juice recipes and raw recipes.
Thanks for dropping by! Happy vegan day to all!


  1. Congrats miga!
    Welcome to blogging world..
    LOoking forward sa mga tips mo as vegan...

  2. hahaha! yeah yeah! go na go na gd ni...Tnx nay!

  3. welcome sa blogger world Jo,,nice to see u,.,ay abaw daw kilalahay ba

  4. Tnx...dw kilala tna mn ka ah, base sa mga story2 ni naysheng..hehhe